Bamali health area is one of the 15 leading health areas in Ndop Health District, Cameroon. It is located about 15 km from the District Hospital and District Health Service.


     It is bounded to north by Bamessing village, to the west by Balikumbat, to the south by Mbangsalle, and to the east by Bamuka urban.  The population of the health area is mostly involved in agriculture and petit trading.                                                                                                                                                         

     Shalom Clinic is one of the two health facilities within this health area.  It is located along the road to Balikumbat just about 400m from the national road no 11.  Shalom Clinic came into conception in 2014 with the purpose of providing quality and affordable health service to inhabitants of Bamali and its environs.


     Given that the integrated health centre in Bamali was located about 9km away from Muweifou zone, we realize that the people of Muweifou had difficulties reaching the health centre not only because of distance but also because of the poor state of the roads especially during the rainy season.  As such the inhabitants of Muweifou had to travel long distances to the district hospital to seek health care. So Shalom Clinic was strategically located at Muweifou to bring health service closer to the people. Muweifou has a total population of 2328 divided into three quarters as follows Muweifou(951), Melat(500) and Mbeman(877). Muweifou and melat quarters are within 2km from the health unit while Mbeman is within 6km from the health facility.


     Although Shalom Clinic is found in Bamali health area and covers the Muweifou catchment area, the clinic is just within a kilometer from the Bamessing health area. As such majority of patients come from this neighboring health area.

The objective of Shalom Clinic is to bring quality health care closer to the people with high level of professionalism, confidentiality and impartiality. However to achieve these objectives at an affordable cost to the population we need subsidies.

The following services are offered at SHALOM CLINIC

General consultation.